How to get your boss to pay for Surf & sales


No doubt your company has sent you to dozens of big sales conferences. Sure, there are thousands of attendees and parties, but how much do you really learn? How many meaningful, powerful experiences do you have? And how many lifelong connections and friends do you make?

Isn't the real purpose of an event to learn, grow, network and walk away with an experience that can transform you and your business? And isn't the best measure of an event's ROI how much it makes you better at your job?

What would it be worth to your company to have your VP/SalesMgr etc spend time learning the ins and outs from other VPs who have been there done that. Imagine if they learn just one thing that makes your team just 1% more effective or efficient. At $5m ARR that’s 50k recurring.

We agree

That's why our Sales & Surf Summit is at the beach in Costa Rica.

It's why there will only be 20 people there, none of whom will be selling their products to you.

The idea is for you to get hours of sales training [and surf instruction!] from some of the best in the business, build real relationships with a select group of your peers, and have a transformative experience. A sales event like none other.

You won't come back with a list of people you had 5 minute conversations with to add to your "network", you will come back with a group of powerful friends accross the country who will be invaluable to you and your business moving forward. You will come back with a clear head, new ideas, and inspiration to reach higher in 2019 than ever before. We've been to some great conferences, but none of them do all of that. 

This year...tell the boss you want to go to Surf & Sales 3. And tell them why.

Tell them everything you will get that is missing from all the others.