A better way...

Tired of going to sales conferences in the same old cities, in huge hotels full of thousands of vendors trying to sell you something?

We are too, so we changed the game. 

This year, skip the Marriott in Philly or the Hilton in Orlando, and join a small, select group of industry leaders in Playa Grande, Costa Rica, for deeper learning, more meaningful relationships, and an experience that will transform you and your business.

There are sales account executives here, there are CEO’s, there are founders, and everyone is walking away with something applicable from every single session. I don’t think that’s easy to do, but through a great group of people, through well curated content, and a desire to create real value here for every single person attending. I think Surf & Sales has nailed it.
— Claire Morris, VP Customer Success @ Shipping Easy, S&S 2018 Participant

Where do you find inspiration: Exhibit Hall D or a tropical sunset?





Cost: $3,495 (SHARED ROOM) - $3,995 (PRIVATE ROOM)

WHEN: FEB 18 - 22, 2019


  • Deluxe lodging on the beach

  • Chef-prepared meals, drinks, and snacks

  • Private ground transportation to/from Liberia Airport

  • All sales trainings and leadership workshops

  • Daily surf lessons and guided excursions

  • 1-on-1 coaching, including a follow-up coaching session 

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to level up their sales leadership game, build real, lasting relationships with other successful leaders in the industry, or even just create the time and space to do some deep thinking about your work. Whether you’re a SVP, VP, Sales Manager or Rep, or a founder/CEO or board member with an interest in sales - Surf & Sales is for you!


The Surf & Sales Story

Scott Leese and Richard Harris are two of the top sales leaders and startup consultants in the U.S.


The idea for Surf & Sales came to them during a vacation with their families in Costa Rica. Nobody wants to spend their vacation talking about work. But sitting on a pristine, golden beach enjoying a well-earned tequila after an evening surf session, the conversation turned to their shared passion for sales. It was undeniable: in that setting, thousands of miles away from the office, the ideas, insights, and inspiration simply flowed much more freely. They were thinking creatively, challenging each other, covering new ground.

Then it hit them - what if they planned a surf trip not to escape their work, but to embrace it, explore it, and share it with others?

And what if they surrounded themselves with a small, select group of peers and aspiring sales leaders from around the world, to share not only their knowledge but also the kind of life experience that builds relationships that last? And what if it all took place in paradise, against the backdrop of learning (or just enjoying!) one of the most challenging and rewarding adventure sports on earth? 

The answer was simple - it had to happen - and Surf & Sales was born.  The first Surf and Sales Summit in May 2018 was a huge success, forging lifelong friendships, generating new business ideas and opportunities, and creating incredible memories in and out of the water.